AdFreedom gives you the choice! You decide what you see and when you see it.

Interested in just performing Ad removal or Ad filtering? Adfreedom can help you.

AdFreedom is much more than that. It is the next generation of AdBlocking so if you want to AdBlock across all your browsers then AdFreedom is the right solution. It allows you to choose which adverts are a removed from which sites.

AdFreedom “works out of the box” for ALL browsers.

Future developments will allow these same settings to be shared across all your devices, be they Windows, Mac, Smart phones, tablets etc.

  • You can choose which adverts you want to see
  • Remove adverts you do not want to see
  • Filter adverts
  • Adblock for all Browsers
  • Be rewarded for seeing the adverts you like

AdFreedom is the free Adblocker for all browsers