Community Rewards

Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for viewing advertisements?

AdFreedom is busy preparing its Community Rewards Scheme which looks to get the advertisers to offer incentives for you to keep them switched on. Now that you have the control, and can turn their annoying adverts off, we are sure that a new business paradigm can emerge where you get a fairer deal.
Sounds Strange?  Why?

They have been using your bandwidth to deliver their adverts to your PC, Tablet, Phone or whatever for years. They pay TV companies a lot to carry adverts, but you are currently providing the entire infrastructure at your own cost. It’s time for a fairer deal!

To help us make this new deal feasible, we need you to register for the Community Rewards Scheme by clicking here. Don’t worry, we will never let them get your details, you will still be in control.