Why is your product different to other ad-Blocking products?

Technically we feel we are a superior product, Yes we block Adverts, but our main difference will be the business model, we are more than just a blocker, we plan to work with advertisers to improve their adverts and the end user experience, with the membership rewards scheme we will let you be rewarded for seeing advertisements.

  • AdFreedom is more than just a blocker, with the membership rewards scheme we will let you be rewarded for seeing advertisements
  • AdFreedom is completely Browser independent so can work on Asian platforms, please see supported browsers below:-
  • AdFreedom has been designed for a worldwide audience from the outset, while we do support US English, we also support any language our users ask for.
  • AdFreedom has been written by IT professionals so it is efficient and robust, with lower resource usage on your device, this means it is ultimately better for low spec PC’s and also for high end users who wish to use multiple tabs…
  • AdFreedom cannot be detected by a browser, and there is no threat of removing support for add-in etc.
  • AdFreedom can be installed by non-technical users, and as it is self updating there is no maintenance for an end user each time the browser authors release new versions.
  • AdFreedom will be available on Android mobile devices soon, and then a version on Apple devices
  • AdFreedom operates at a lower level than a browser we can block adverts in any application running on the windows PC eg Skype.
  • AdFreedom recognizes changes you make to your preferences you benefit from these changes in all browsers and apps, and in the future across all devices.

Supported Browsers :- (3b,iexplore, firefox, iron, chrome, opera, safari, maxthon, k-meleon, avant, dragon, slepnir, luna, seamonkey, flock, superfast, torch, 360se, SogouExplorer)